We are currently, or have been at various stages of our lives, elite level athletes. We understand the journey because we lived it. At STAR Angel Network, we believe that if you can accomplish something remarkable on the field or in the arena, you can translate that same success to your transition off the field.


STAR Angel Network is a network of peers and like-minded individuals who share a common goal — utilize our collective strength as influencers to increase ROI. Our invitation only non-athlete members are hand selected to add strategic value to our investments, and provide mentorship to our athlete members in specific industries.


We give you the tools and information to take control of your personal brand and influence. As former athletes, we understand that trust and privacy are a vital component to our membership. Our invite-only non-athlete members understand that there is a zero tolerance non-solicitation policy.


Education is a key component to our membership, and is critical to our members success off the field. We ensure our members understand both the risks and rewards of angel investing in order to allow them to make responsible decisions.


STAR utilizes our vast network in the venture capital and angel communities, across the US and abroad, to source only the highest quality deals for our members.


As influencers, our members are regularly approached by individuals with investment opportunities. We use our expertise to screen, analyze, and respond appropriately. We also act as a sounding board to help our members better understand every facet of the opportunities they are presented.

Based on my own personal experience I believe most professional athletes underutilize their influence--STAR Angel Network gives them an opportunity to use their personal brand to affect their investments.

Marques Colston / 10-Year NFL Veteran & STAR Angel Network Partner

STAR Angel Network used their unique influence and membership to help us close several Fortune 500 accounts.

Rod Robinson / CEO, ConnXus

STAR Angel Network was an integral part of our early success and strategic relationships within the entertainment industry. Through their contacts, we were able to secure our partnership with RocNation. This fundamentally changed the trajectory of our business.

Rodney Williams / CEO, LISNR

STAR Angel Network not only gave me access to great investment opportunities but also to the education to understand how to properly evaluate business deals.

STAR Member / Professional Athlete