What is the investment process?

Our members invest as a group on an opt-in basis.  They are presented with the most attractive opportunities from our pipeline of screened companies.


Do I have to invest in every deal?

Each member can elect to invest (or not) in any of the rounds that are negotiated for the group.  Prospective members should be interested in developing a portfolio of investments over time.  We ask that members invest in a minimum of one deal per year.


I already have a financial advisor how is STAR different?

STAR Angel Network is not a registered investment advisor (RIA). As a high net worth individual, it is appropriate to deploy a certain percentage of capital in alternative assets such as angel investments.


What is the typical investment size?

The typical amount invested by each member in any single company is $25-$50K.  We expect that the group as a whole will place between $250k and $500K in any particular investment round.


What qualifications do I need to join the group?

Our members must be accredited investors as defined by the SEC (http://bit.do/Accredited-Investor).


What is your track record?

In our three years of existence, we have had one liquidity event (116% IRR in 8 months) and our current portfolio companies have an unrealized return of 105% (Industry average = 25% annualized).


What is IBR Ventures?

IBR Ventures is the parent company of STAR Angel Network. IBR stands for “Influence Based Returns.”™


Other questions?  Please contact our Managing Director:

Garrett Klugh

Managing Director

STAR Angel Network


If you are interested in applying for membership, please fill out the form here.