STAR Angel Network is comprised of current and retired professional athletes and celebrities who are interested in active private investment and educational opportunities.  We provide our members with a network of like-minded individuals who are focused on making the most of their wealth and access through careful investment in companies that have the potential to provide outsized financial returns. Education is a key component of the value that we provide to our members, as we want them to get the most out of membership and feel confident in their investment decisions and ability to support the growth of their portfolio.

Our members invest as a group on an opt-in basis. They are presented with the top 5 investment opportunities per quarter out of our pipeline of hundreds of screened entrepreneur applications. Each member can elect to invest (or not) in any of the rounds that are negotiated for the group. Prospective members should be interested in developing a portfolio of investments over time. The typical amount invested by each member in any single company is $25-$50K. We expect that the group as a whole will place upwards of $500K in any particular investment round.

Our members must be accredited investors as defined by the SEC, and no business solicitation is allowed among members of the STAR Angel Network.

If you are interested in applying for membership, please complete our membership application.

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